Why BIM with BNN?

In the designing area:
  • More accurate project documentation
  • Faster projects development
  • Automation and greater computers involvements speed up all processes and reduce the error possibility
In the construction area:
  • Reduces the building construction time
  • Reduces overall construction costs
  • Automation and greater computers involvements speed up all processes and reduce the error possibility

If you are a client/investor do not hestitate to contact us. We will produce high quality documentation for your future buildings in the shortest possible time.

If you are a design office, our team consisted of expert BIM engineers is ready to become part of your group, by working together on projects, implementing advanced BIM technology to your system.

Our BIM Services:
  • DETAIL ARCHITECTURE DESIGN development, based on quality BIM models, resulting faster documentation completion, more accurate bill of quantity values and future building elements synchronization.
  • MEP DESIGN development, modeled in 3D guarantee no collisions between MEP and Structural elements.
  • MEP DESIGN modeling, from other previously completed designs, with aim to detect collisions among the MEP elements and between MEP and structural components.
  • NEW: STRUCTURAL CONSTRUCTION elements modeling (elements from finished Structural design) with 2D reinforcement shop drawings merge, to create BIM 3D models with reinforcement in 3D, for easier site object up-building. Constructor or supervisor using this model on site easily see reinforcement and openings in concrete elements.
Our BIM Mission:
  • BNN-INGPRO PROJECT Ltd team has developed own BIM (Building Information Modeling) methods based on usage of GRAPHISOFT ®  ArchiCAD modeling software.
  • Our quality BIM models helps us to develop quality project documentation, which is used for site buildings construction, 3D exploration, 4D and 5D exploitation...
  • MEP design elements in 3D provide absolute installations synchronization.
  • Our high-end architectural and MEP BIM models ensures high precise values of bills of quantities.
  • Our meticulous made BIM models are used in Structural design, both for calculations purposes and for reinforcement shop drawings, speeding up Structural design completion time up to 35%.
  • Teamwork documentation development with 24/7 server data access, ensures parallel working of all the engineers, both architectural and MEP designer, with much easier coordination among each other. It is not relevant if designers are at the same office or thousands kilometars away, the outcome is the same - easy work flow resulting with accurate and precise Detail design development.