Our BIM Patent No.1

With more than 20 years of experience with uprising BIM technology, we came to our own BIM patent. We do not take quantities from drawings and then squaring the dimensions to get provisional sums. We extract quantities directly from 3D BIM models and we get final sums, within 1% precision, in real time. That means if something is changed, we get new updated estimates results, in a few seconds with a single click.

All of this is followed by our 3D “Taking off “ connected with tables with quantities for every single work, which is actually our patent. 3D Image represents the scope of exact works, and all the other positions in 3D are transparent. This helps to visualize what scope of works are calculated and estimated in tables. Everything is interconnected, with real time update. This means that we create Bills of quantities from the beginning of our design, which allows us to find every single possible error in the project. At the end, all of this speed up the projects shortening the deadlines.